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Enhance Wellbeing with Healing Frequencies

Updated: Apr 3

Woman enjoying listening to music on headphones

How can frequency benefit our health?

Have you ever explored sound therapy and frequencies for relaxation, less stress, and better health and well-being? The goal with sound therapy is to use sound to bring the body back into resonance with its natural, balanced state. Most of us have used some form of this therapy from time to time, but have you ever listened to frequencies offering the health benefits of micronutrients, such as vitamin D3+K2, zinc or magnesium? Scientists are researching the benefits of sound frequency for healing and well being, with some exciting results, and there are many sound healing tracks available on the internet for free. However, the use of sound therapy to receive benefits of a specific nutrient through frequency is still in the process of scientific investigation, and it's important to receive direct intake of nutrients through diet or supplements, if needed. (If you have any deficiencies or specific health conditions you should seek the guidance of a health professional.)

Sound healing is scientifically explained as the phenomena of resonance and entrainment. Every object has a resonant frequency and will spontaneously vibrate when it encounters another object with a similar frequency. An example of resonance is: If a violin is placed in a room, unplayed, its strings may begin to vibrate at a certain pitch (frequency) if a note of the same pitch is played or sung in close proximity. Entrainment is where the body's natural rhythms can be helped back into alignment, if misaligned due to negative feelings, stress or illness. Listening to music can bring peace and relaxation through the body's synchronisation with a sympathetic and beneficial rhythm.

Getting the Good Frequencies

We know frequency affects us, for better or worse. We're usually mindful about what we eat, but do we balance our frequency intake in the same way we balance our diet? How many hours each day are we around EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from our phone, computer and other devices? How many hours per day are we immersed in the calming, healing frequencies of nature?

So how can we be sure to get a daily dose of beneficial frequencies? Here are some commonly-mentioned ones and their potential health and well-being benefits:

1. Nature Sounds:

Natural sounds such as ocean waves, rain, birdsong, and flowing water are used to induce relaxation, reduce stress and promote well being. Research has found nature sounds can assist the body's healing processes.

Recently, fascinating new research has found that the hum of bees, tuned to the key of 'C', has the capacity to promote healing in people with PTSD by re-tuning cognitive dissonance. Research indicates honeycomb bees may be creating the hexagonal shapes in their honeycomb (an optimal shape for storage and strength) through sound engineering. Scientists are investigating the potential health benefits of the bees' hum, to 'engineer' or influence cells in the human body.

2. Solfeggio Frequencies: Frequencies are associated with particular numerological and geometrical patterns. While their impact upon our mind, body and spirit may seem like a mystery to some, throughout the ages societies have used sound frequency for spiritual and healing purposes. The Solfeggio frequencies for example, are derived from an ancient musical scale and are often used in sound therapy practices. The Solfeggio frequencies 396, 417, 528, 639, 741 and 852 Hz are renowned for their use in Gregorian chants. The Solfeggio scale is mathematically matched to natural patterns in our universe. These frequencies are also associated with our chakras, which in turn are associated with aspects of life, emotions and organs of the body. Originally there were 6 Solfeggio frequencies, however today reference is commonly made to the following 9 : The 9 Solfeggio frequencies are as follows:

  • 174 Hz: Relieves pain and stress (Root chakra)

  • 285 Hz: Heals tissues and organs (Root chakra)

  • 396 Hz: Liberates from guilt and fear (Root chakra)

  • 417 Hz: Heals situations and facilitates change (Sacral chakra)

  • 528 Hz: The "Love Frequency"; DNA repair and transformation (Solar Plexus chakra)

  • 639 Hz: Communication, understanding, and harmony in relationships (Heart chakra)

  • 741 Hz: Cleanses cells of toxins and promotes holistic health (Throat chakra)

  • 852 Hz: Intuition, spiritual growth, and inner strength (Third Eye chakra)

  • 963 Hz: Spiritual connection (Crown chakra)

While Solfeggio frequencies have been found highly beneficial to our health and well being, conversely, our contemporary 12-tone scale is thought to be out of sync with beneficial natural rhythms and frequencies, and therefore may be having a negative impact upon our health.

3. Binaural Beats: Binaural beats involve playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear, which are then perceived as a single tone by the brain. These beats are believed to influence brainwave patterns and can be used for relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, and improving focus and concentration. Particular frequencies are associated with different mental states:

  • Delta waves (0.5 to 4 Hz): Deep sleep and relaxation

  • Theta waves (4 to 8 Hz): Deep meditation, creativity, and insight

  • Alpha waves (8 to 14 Hz): Relaxed alertness and light meditation

  • Beta waves (14 to 30 Hz): Focused attention and cognitive tasks

  • Gamma waves (above 30 Hz): Higher mental processing and states of heightened awareness

4. Tuning Fork Frequencies: Tuning forks can also be used for their therapeutic effects. Some tuning forks are tuned to the Solfeggio frequencies, and commonly used ones include:

  • 432 Hz: Relaxation and harmony

  • 528 Hz: Promotes healing and DNA repair

  • 639 Hz: Relationships, communication, and emotional balance

5. Singing Bowls:

Singing bowls are made from metal or crystal and come in different weights and sizes, therefore producing various frequencies. Singing bowls may produce Solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats or other beneficial tones. The bowls vibrate when a mallet is used to strike the bowl or rub the rim. There are some beautiful, healing singing bowl videos available on YouTube.

6. Create your own sound frequency tracks online:

Would you like to experiment with creating blends of beneficial frequencies? Try the "Multiple Tone Generator" a free online resource.

Experience Healing Frequencies:


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