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Sound healing meditation class 90 mins


Do you want to:

- learn to meditate or you are an experienced meditator who enjoys group meditation with live sound vibrations.

- reduce stress, anxiety, depression, self criticism, indecisiveness and more

- increase well-being, intuition, ability to self heal, self love and joy, relaxation and more


Your host Ria Manolias has been teaching meditation since 2004 and has a life long passion for spirituality and helping people.


Cash and EFTPOS payments accepted on the night.


ONE ON ONE HEALING SESSIONS are also available where you can feel the bowl resting on your body whilst it is sounded for a powerful healing.


The house number will be advised to attendees by private message.


Please register your interest for these meditation and healing sessions by commenting below or emailing [email protected] Phone 4476 8429 or 0400841184 (poor reception for calling but ok for texting)

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