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Guided healing session - initial session 90 minutes

$110.00 $125.00

If you need some one on one attention to treat your issues, I can help you.  Whether you are feeling emotional, want some energy balancing or need to change some recurring pattterns in your life these sessions are deeply powerful. You can work on physical issues, mental or even spiritual issues as well.

You can rely my extensive experience in hypnotherapy, guided meditation, energetic healing and crystal therapy.  I am a therapist in Sydney who has survived and thrived from having anxiety and depression myself.

Once you pay for your session below I will email you to arrange an appointment. Then I will call you via Skype or any other online video for your healing session.

What my clients are saying:

"Loved the one on one sessions - thank you for that." Julia, Paddington

"You have helped me turn around so much!" Helen, Rozelle

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