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Quotes Ria has such a wonderful, relaxing voice which made my sessions so enjoyable. Quotes

Quotes My whole outlook on life has improved immensely. It is clear that I've changed for the better. My self image is so strong and confident now my long-time friends are in awe of my changes. I have been in counselling for a lot of serious issues in my life for 18 months now, but my counsellor has said she no longer needs to see me for my attitude and perception of life is spot on! Thanks Ria. I am so focussed now on what I want in my life. Quotes
Warwick, Parramatta

Quotes The hypnotherapy is like a deeper form of meditation and that's why I really like it. Quotes
Brett, Marrickville

Quotes After my first session, I slept well without needing anything to help me sleep. I have noticed my awareness has increased and I was more attentive with my children. I haven't felt like drinking beer on weekdays. I noticed myself automatically taking deep breaths to relax. The results have been better than I expected, it's like a switch going off. I no longer have the trigger to make me drink on weekdays. Quotes
Jeff, Blacktown