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Quotes I used my hoop last night, it is very easy to spin it and colours are so cute. I love it. Thanks Quotes
Happy hula hoop purchaser

Quotes Loved the one on one session at the retreat, thank you for that. It was nice to get away from the city, I am much more relaxed. Quotes
Retreat attendee

Quotes I always feel more happy, positive and energetic after your classes. Thanks Ria! Quotes
Intermediate hooper

Quotes I wanted to say a big thank you for having us at the hooping class in Tuesday. My daughters had so much fun. I especially loved the solo that each child had at the end of the class. It was lovely to see the girls perform. Looking forward to the next class. Quotes
Maria, Blacktown
Participant of children's class

Quotes Had the BEST time at my first hoop class yesterday. Do yourselves a favour and do a class, seriously. It's great exercise and anyone can do it! And she does a little bit of meditation at the end. Quotes
New to the course

Quotes I am doing a beginner hoop class with Ria at the moment and really did not want to go on Tuesday as id had a really crappy day and was feeling negative! I pushed myself and went anyway and came home feeling so happy and positive! Love the vibe that hooping gives me <3 Thanks Ria! Xx Quotes
Hooping Vibe

Quotes I've had problems with my back for a few months and the only thing that has helped so far is the hooping with Ritsa Hoops. Thank you. Quotes
Hula hoop customer

Quotes I really like hula hooping because its fun! Quotes
nearly 7 years old

Quotes I said I'd do one of these for you and I never got around to it. I was going for a job that would potentially change my life and take me from mediocre call centre work to a step up with potential career progression as an Inventory Specialist in a leading retail company. I was nervous and stressed. Ria performed hypnotherapy on me, which calmed me and helped me to realise that I am capable and confident. I got the job and I believe I wouldn't have been as calm as I was if Ria hadn't have been there to help. Quotes
Inventory Specialist

Quotes After my first session, I slept well without needing anything to help me sleep. I have noticed my awareness has increased and I was more attentive with my children. I haven't felt like drinking beer on weekdays. I noticed myself automatically taking deep breaths to relax. The results have been better than I expected, I no longer have the trigger to make me drink on weekdays. Quotes