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What is the best time of day to meditate?

Posted by Ria Manolias on July 16, 2015 at 8:10 PM

I have been meditating since 1992 and over the years I have experienced various classes, philosophies and techniques. Thanks to a question from a meditation student this week, I have now summarised my knowledge and experience on this topic. It will only take a couple of minutes to read and I am happy to elaborate if questions are asked.

The age old advice has been sunrise and sunset are the best times of day to meditate. Nature helps at this time as it is especially soothing to the senses as it goes through the change of light and the birds are chirping.

If you meditate at sunrise you may find yourself focusing clearly after a good night’s sleep. This becomes easier as you practice and the older you become. Keep in mind it is natural for teenagers and young adults to need more sleep in the mornings. The more you practice, you will find that meditating in the morning will help you to start the day with clarity and motivation.

If you meditate at sunset you will balance your energy and gain perspective on the day's challenges. This then allows you to relax deeply and switch off from everything else for a while. The evening is a time when we naturally focus more inwards and this can help with your practice.


Lunch breaks are another time that you can go to a park, sit on the grass. Even whilst eating, you can allow your thoughts to settle as you observe nature and just be present.

All that said, in our busy lives if you want to meditate at other times, it can be just as effective.

Meditating before your bedtime will either refresh you and keep you awake or  help you to fall asleep. This will depend on what you need the most. If you are already relaxed enough, then the meditation will most likely reduce even further the amount of sleep you require.

However if you require deep relaxation you can fall sleep whilst you are meditating so that you receive the deepest rejuvenation possible.

You can also use meditation techniques to help you fall asleep if you need to stop thinking too much and just let go. Insomnia is often a result of worrying about the past or the future whereas meditation helps to put your cares and concerns aside whilst relaxing into the present. At that time I recommend lying in bed whilst you meditate. 

Also, I recommend watching your caffeine intake. I know personally when I have had too much tea to fall asleep within my usual amount of time which is about 20 minutes.

Finally remember, any time of day for meditation is better than not meditating at all!

I hope this helps and I welcome your questions or comments. Feel free to email me personally [email protected]

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