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About Ria Manolias

"My customers trust me because I understand, support and encourage them. I have even been told that I have good vibes!" 

Some of my relevant wellness qualifications are:

2003 - 2004 Advanced Certificate in the Higher Self Connection - Holistic Healing College, Sydney

2004 Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy – The Australian College of Pro & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sydney

2014 Kids’ Hoop Dance Instructor – Hoop Empire, Sydney


Media and Community Appearances:

Interviewed by Starcreatures Wholistic Fitness Retreats

The Sydney Festival 2014

World Hoop Day 2012

Corporate and private parties 


The Learning Curve of My Life!

I was about 10 months old when I managed to reach the potato chip slicer in my parent’s fast food shop.  As I tried to grab the chip that was hanging I accidentally sliced the top half of my thumb right off!  A surgeon sewed my thumb back on but I was no longer able to bend my knuckle.  From then on I would have nightmares and I dreaded going to sleep.  My inquisitive mind would then go into overdrive thinking about all sorts of things, mainly about the meaning of life.  I would even experience anxiety causing the appearance of my room to distort and my parents would often find me eventually sleeping under my bed.   Finally at the age of 19, I found a meditation course and within a couple of months I was able to fall asleep quickly without nightmares.

In my early twenties I fell in love, got married, and gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

My husband had his own struggles and he gradually became more controlling to the point where I was sure I was being abused emotionally, mentally and physically.  I gave him chances to change but it felt like he never met me halfway or changed at all.  My divorce was extremely messy without much support and understanding from others.

When my daughter would visit her dad I experienced some of the hardest times in my life. I was living alone trying to deal with my wrecked self-love and hurt feelings, not knowing how to help myself other than going out with new friends or getting drunk.

Then an amazing thing happened, I tried hypnotherapy for Repetitive Strain Syndrome when typing and it worked right away! I had always wanted to be a natural therapist so I studied and practiced as a hypnotherapist and energy healer for the next 10 years.

Whilst I helped others, I healed my inner child and made peace with my past life challenges.  I finally learnt to love and accept myself.  I was happier and creating the life I wanted.

If you can relate to any of the feelings I had in my life, I would very much like to hear from you.  I am here to support you and show you how to stop the anxiety, anger and feeling depressed.  Also, I can help you to heal much quicker than it took me to figure it all out.  It took a long time to explore the wide range of healing modalities that I did. 

I created the Core Self Awakening wellness program for people like you.  By exploring your core self physically, mentally and emotionally you will change your life for the better in so many ways! You can ask me any questions about well-being via email or Facebook.  My public profile is Ritza Hoops (really I mean it, I check Facebook way too much!)